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The first days of the project were as early as 2010 as a young producer and dj Tom Bones (Tomas Paliunas) founded the-at the time imprint - “Exide Code Recordings”. Under the guidance of a local drum’n’bass DJ veteran DJ JaZzy and with the help of a current label artist Papuga, whom Tom had a DJ duo M-Theory at that time the first few releases saw the daylight. Dubstep was a big thing at that time, so the the first success came with some early Dubstep with a release from M-Theory. The label grew organically for a few years until the one-man company naturally hit a roadblock. After gaining a lot of experience in the industry and returning to strike even harder, the imprint was upgraded to a current brand - Filterjam in 2014. So far you can see the Filterjam logo on about 20 dance music releases, there are about 15 different artists that released on the label. Filterjam also works behind the scenes with a few people as artist management agency helping nurture some fresh talent. The Labei is focused on the electrocing dance music without any genre priorities, so if you make raggae influnenced cuban salsa mixed with german techno and you believe it’s a dancefloor smasher or that your tune will give us goosebums - get in touch, we’ll be happy to check it out.
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